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What happened to Facebook links on Coffee Crew Show Websites? 

Facebook has always been having issues with us an our 1A rights to FREE SPEACH. On many occasions the SM Giant has attacked my personal and business efforts to share opinions and data. 
All our teams work on the page (Many) that were linked to the site still are at this time. Facebook can choose to punish or restrict us but will ultimately loose the battle over the provider content and my own. They have on many occasions not allowed my freedoms. 
On many occasions the cried fowl for nothing. They are very irresponsible in their company and policies. [Know them by their fruits] Rule holds steady. They are very nasty to deal with and in the event of a Class Action Suit, Count Me In.  NEXT [PAGE]
Happy New [Y]ear 2022

Not too many of us will forget the past 5 years or 40 plus years of research that has gone into finding out just who it really was who was attempting to steal our peace of mind. It's amazing when you find out your neighbor and a friend of your mom worked at the same profession.


KNOW YOUYR Neighbor: Important !!!% 

Your neighbor is actually not who you thought he was... not at all.


CA:  Why is there [No.Border Policy] 

Columbia Games

Bye Blaine!

[Game Over]. 

Opp Ed: By Coffee Crew

White Paper on Harvesting the Middle Class Wealth and Life Blood. What Virus is OPEN SOURCE SW? 

The real deal is amazing. When you figure out that you were the target all along and you finally realize the extent of the fraud that was put up to train you, your kids and the Americans, World at large and humanity itself, you'll probably puke like I did the day an upper level executive in the 33.14 had me look at my name on a CAD drawing and ask for my approval. It was a shocker. I looked, I saw my name but it was my daughter he was asking me for approval about. He was relocating her to the 10.20 on the 5th floor in The Factory Zone. 

Why if my self and 200 Plus others were rehired and made into clean up and floor crew would and upper level executive VP of the corporation be asking me for permission and approve unles to sayy I have you. Using MOB TACTICS on me that day, just made me go out side and puke. I vowed from that day forth to see to it the if nothing is too big to fail, my prayers and my ability to report would be enough. 35 - people know. {Y]e[P] for sure. For the whole story... RO