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Trump 2020 Re-Election 
Non Anons - US = #DoItQ
MSM "It Will Vanish" The Movement 

MSM - Known as Main Stream Media is the known Enemy of the People in this day and age when all the media outlets of major companies as we know them today are owned by 3 to 6 major groups of elite business corporations with know agendas that don't always leave the people free or with sources of news that is not slanted heavily... #MSM #ItWillVanish - also know as "FAKE NEWS"  #FakeNews

One day back in the fall of a movement started and got the attention of those who found hope in the promise of freedom from an age old enemy of humanity. For those who listened there was a team that could be seen working... then again one day there came a message that said #DoItQ
These are Morning Coffee's Projects & Action ITEMS... 



Everyday someone or something is done to assure that the nation is stronger and better. Behind the scenes there is always someone who loves the nation more than they love the evil one and doing his bidding. 

The real truth is amazing. Patriots are and always have been a special breed of human beings. Like no other folks and not anyone who has made it clear by their actions that they are enemies, these people live for good and defend honor at all costs. The evil and darkness that flows from some people is not dark in or from a patriot, but as the light of day. Bright and flushing out the deepest darkest to expose the light to the world.  Light is a forces that has power to eliminate the evils of darkness because of love and the compassion in the heart. 

Don't let your heart be dark. Reach for the light and ask God in. He is The Light. 

Patriots of the Light

This is a spiritual war like no other and in no other time. A lot of battles have been fought over faith and truth in the centuries, but none was as pronounced as this one against the modern deep state.

Jesus Is... and they don't like it. 


Special Projects

Human & Child

The world is not always a nice place and we as a team have been supporting investigation, acting to stop criminal acts of while supporting the end of, then working to help stop all forms of trafficking in the world. Human and Child Trafficking are menses to the world.

With all the joys of childhood ahead of moist children, we do find there a some who never know that same freedom and joy  without the pain caused by this very harmful lifestyle. 

There are many reasons why one would find joy in helping others, but this mission is most rewarding. As  a team we started just doing research and learning how to teach other adults to know the signs... and our efforts just grew from there. 

We don't know the limits of the rewards and the bounds that come but we do see that the work done on behalf of the children is well worth while. 

Our Hash Tag is: #DontUseTheKids

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