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We Are Deplorable

The very moment the Hillary R. Clinton (#HRC), called Trump Supporters "Deplorables" our reaction caused a major movement to begin in American Politics. #WeAreDeplorable was started as a major and forever memory that Trump Supporters will never forget. WeAreDeplorable (Facebook page of 100s' like it) became a page 1000s' have seen.

The Landslide was just an effect of the feeling that people who have feelings would react to in no uncertain terms. Landslide Victory For Trump Supporters is a real and evident effect that was forced upon the Trump Team in the 2016 election cycle. It happened that the Team had to learn how to best earn the votes of the the GOP during a very electric primary. The birth of a move to assure the election of the GOP candidate that would eventually win was part of doing whatever it takes to win when it may not have been really know at the time of the campaign itself. As people found that the need to 1st earn the win by the party was most important. Educating millions to this need was a job and it took a lot of effort on the peoples part. 1237 Plus GOP electors were required in order for the Trump Team to muster.

The We Are Deplorable movement not only became a #WeAre Movement, but has now become a big well know RedWave which looks like a real red wave warning.. even a Red Tsunami warning in the US and many Blue States #RedTsunami #BlueFlush #InBlueStates
The We Are Deplorable movement became #WeAre

The Democrats likewise had to earn a different number but it too was what they would have to accomplish to win their primary. They look to have done what they had to do but there are to this day things that many question. Bernie Sanders seems to have lost, but it is now thought to have been a set up all along. He was not the winner of the Democrat primary. His loss seems to look as if it was stolen from him. These are under the looking glass even to this day. The effect of this (loss), are concerns to many millions of Americans who do want to know.

The Wining of the two primaries were the issues of the day and the election cycle that set up the final election that changed the history of the U.S. forever. It was Hillary R. Clinton (#HRC), who would then become the candidate of the left that would run against the winner of the the GOP Primary race, Donald J. Trump, who did become the 45th President of the United States Of America.

Today, people are still asking, "What Happened?" because there are question that were never really answered in the situations they found themselves in and being very, very disappointing about after the Democrat Primary of 2016. There are no doubt about "What Happened?" as far as those who proudly are in the "Basket Of Deplorables" in the USA.

By Coffee Crew 10/29/2018 USA

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