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We Are - Counting the Days! #WeAre*

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Many people all across the nation are watching the events as they unfold and know that US. History is being made. Some are not believing that the nation has slipped into such disarray!

The movements are many and the issues are numerous. America itself in in tatters and we have not even gone to a civil war position. We sure hope that does not have to happen to begin seeing a better and more positive view of America com forth. There are my ways to look at the need for a national dialog. And there are as many opinions as there are Americans. That Freedom could only happen here in the USA. We have Big R Rights thanks to the US Constitution itself. #BigRRights

All this is the contest of many view points all coming together at once. May the ideas flow. What is the #WeAre* Movement. Well, when asked on the show, Coffee Crew addressed it like this, "We Are is a nice way to say that we are not going to take it anymore for a lot of unseen and unspoken folks all over America." His address tot he blog and podcast community was taken well considering he is on who does promote the need for a national dialog between all kinds of issues and people, "...but there is one other aspect that we all need to consider." he said. **

We Are is a movement that started because there were many folks who did for sure feel they were being Forgotten in the USA and it's now refereed to as the Forgotten Man by Sean Hannity.
This is an example of the Trump Rallies and the folks who say "WE Are"

We Are is also a Facebook Group - The Group is growing as it finds a place in the history books. This little band of folks are huge and in many thousands of groups and on 100s of Social Media pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all over the USA. The #RedWave and then #RedTsunami

movement sparked even more building as the group got bigger and bigger. ***

Watching the national issues flare and go by is fun for news junkies! Doing the morning coffee think together inspired the team to look at and review the cover up clean up issues of the 2015 and 2016 election cycle. The group started listening to many sources together and decided to study why this was all happening to our country. Greg had gotten sick and in need of an operation which he had and has since recovered. That time was a lot of intense study and observation. The daily podcasts and news kept him going as well as his social media (for family and friends). pages and group. With friends who all started listening to Dan Bongino daily, he got involved in more than the #U1 conflict and the cover up clean ups.

Dan's investigations of the situation now called SpyGate **** by all and President Trump has provided inspiration for the saying, "...nothing to loose!"

The next thing you know it grew again in a leap as the move to find out what exactly was going on by millions of AMERICANS all across the USA. That little flicker of awareness is called the Great Awakening by many. -q The Great Awakening movement was the movement spawned by a poster on the anon boards called "Q" and it took off like a rocket. We have seen it first hand and we think wither you believe of not it's OK. We do share many of the things this Q posts because it's all relative to the fact that the corruption in Washington DC Politics is corrupt. Coffee Crew Show did one show on the fact that it make now matter if Q is fake, because the corruption is real. *****

The hash tags were born... #SoWhatIfQisFake #TheCorruptionIsReal and they both took!

Many attempts of a lot of journalist have tried to say Q is a "LARP" but we don't care. Many more are saying that Q is right on and the "comms" are to be worked then decoded and believed.

In any case, there is something going on for sure. #Forsure - We are doing our job to assure there is reporting on the issues. Coffee Crew Show is a show about issues and not about some cloak and dagger thing. The hidden mystery languages of the Jewish Gem-atria are decoded.

Many tags you may find interesting are: #AskTheQ #Qanon #GreatAwakening -q #TheGreatAwakening #WhiteRabbit #RabbitHole #AskAlice #Waonderland #WhoIsQ #Q #WeAreQ - We will do more on the Q as time goes by... We have a favorite Q page on Facebook that we suggest for you to visit. (2 actually): BestOfQ & Riders ON THE STORM


  • September 1st 2018 - Was Day 1 of the We Are (countdown). *

  • What happened on that day? [Hint: Q related] **

  • The Q Movement was born on 10/28/2017. ***

  • SpyGate is a book written by Dan Bongino ****

  • Coffee Crew Show is a Greg Alexander Production - USA ***** #NothingToLoose

  • Q boards are available 24/7 and on many decoders sites. -q

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