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The Outsider - About Donald J. Trump 45th President

Let the world spin on while the we rest in the Morning Coffee Cups Around the world. Fake hit peaces by the writers in the house are nothing more than SMOKESCREENS & who cares if Q is FAKE! - Corruption is real. USA #WHMOLES #Leakers #Liers #CowBoyUp #Forsure #WHMOLES #Leakers #Liers #CowBoyUp #Forsure Have you heard

If there is a real one in the world - they will see this and it will be the proof that past proves present... someday!

We posted "2 For Breakfast" because it is very real... Corruption that is! [Qwho][hrC][MC-mc2][Push Pull][Cohen=Prague=mc2][Media?Hacks][What if???]=real good here #Ep800

And DAN: Sniffed something wrong... Contractors violate our freedoms and the data-mining was the key question all along... [Coffee=MA][MockingBirdDown] #MockingbirdDown

Fusion GPS & Crowd-strike and Nellie Ohr - Dan is asking a question? Was she granted access to give access to do that? Big think!!! #DanBongino

Sharing this to AMERICAN Reviews to see how many 1000s of comments get on to it! Check it out all day long! Good point Deena Loveland as we see #WashingtonGoesRed USA - Throw the book at it! But today we see the opportunity for them all to #MakeItSo #NewRules

The Outsider - Donald J Trump 45th President of The United States Of America

This morning folks everything has gone wild. We are seeing US History in the making as we see attack after attack on our elected President Donald J Trump and it's all from the inside. It's all from the left wing media and leftists who are just rally mad because they lost. This outsider is a winner and it's the best we have ever seen our nation flourish. Doom Sayers are now also calling it all a set up on him and that they see a bigger and deeper fall coming. Well if we were to demand a WAR on Trump over it sure might help us all..But will they relent? Stay tuned!

Friday is good - all weekend to catch up!

I got thrown in FB jail over it all. ... lol - #REDTSUNAMI is here!


We Are Deplorable - Landslide Victory For Trump Supporters! MAGA

Do It Q - We are Q - It's up to us to Fight and get people out to vote! #Trump2020 USA #BestOfQ

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