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Preview the CCSP release of the 314 Q2746 & Q2744 Decodes - Moon Beam 314 Short Version 1.4

Preview the @CCSP* release of the FN: Moon Beam 314 Q2746 & Q2744 - 2 Decodes in one. We have the short version ready for release and use as the introduction to Morning Coffee Shows (for daily use).

The long version is 1.25 hours and is is really good. You will love this decode. It's a big picture view of the Q movement and the need for unity between Anons and the Non-Anons who are supportive of the movement. We are in a digital war for Good. Good vs evil is the fight. It's a fight for humanity and getting the Red-Pills out and understood is a big job.

*YouTube Morning Coffee Crew Host.

This is the short version ready for release. 4/3/2019 on 4/4/2019 by Coffee Crew.

We are excited to offer this here and on the YouTube Back Up Channels ... Moon Beam 314 V1.4

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