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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The Coffee Crew Show Expands to a 24/7 availability on it's own web site.

Welcome to our blog post. We are adding a site where you can connect with us and be part of the Coffee Crew Show Research Team by using and sharing our blog, social media platforms and much more.

We are excited to share the new web site and offer a great place to find our shows and more. We offer great reviews and interaction as well as our places on the Social Media sites we once loved and enjoyed!

At Americans Reviews we have offered many great categories and may subject matter experts from all over the internet, business and politics. We are an 'OPN' supporter! [#OPN]

'OPN' is now know as "Other Peoples News!" by millions. We see and like 1000s of things per day, then share them all over the social media landscape. It's simple and that's why we reach so many millions per day. We did it because there was news to share from many individuals.

Going A Step Beyond

We as a group of groups decided one day back on September 1st 2018 that we are!

The letter "Q" has all but been banned on many social media sites (#shadowbanning) and many incidences of content or idea restrictions without justification have been made by millions online and in community influence positions. The main stream media has been accused of many violations of freedom of speech. We say, "So What If Q Is Fake!"

So What If Q Is Fake - The Corruption Looks Real!

"The fact is that the "Corruption in DC Politics" to this point in US History looks very real." says, Coffee Crew Show host Coffee Crew in a previous podcast and show.

Check our these tags: #SoWhatIfQIsFake #TheCorruptionIsReal

Be Part Of it! Blog With Us!

Blogging gives our site a voice, so let our message personality shine through. USA.

Getting the word out that there is a new manger in the USA and that we are all important to the health of the nation and world economy is what our new mission becomes each day as we start out on a quest together over morning coffee! #MorningCoffee

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