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New Features Added to All Sites! vBlog!

We are adding the new Blog Feeds to all Coffee Crew Sites and Podcast [CCSP] locations. We do hope you use them and enjoy the services. Getting the News to you is our goal. Helping as many people find the #PeopleKnow Program is is our hope. 300 Million Americans Need to know what the country is evolving into on a daily basis. Thank you for using or many sites and services to get your news.

We are doing the upgrades and will have then done on all main sites soon!

Here is a way to see the new feature now!

Thank Q from the Coffee Crew staff.

You are all part of it now... #CoffeeCrew!

Coffee anyone?



Worldwide coverage of the effort to assure liberty and FREEDOM

Make sure the Freedom Bell get rung!

Be A Bell Cracker! #ForHumanity

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