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Day 1 - Recap & Show Notes - What Happened?

"Declared Over!"

The people mount a move to proclaim the WAR on Trump Over! #DeclaredOver #StopTheWarOnTrump


Ond Day 1 9/1/2018 The People Were Decided to say, "We Are" and a Movement was Born! Patriots and Rally goers alike were seen with Q shirts, signs and banners! They were the Q supporters who became active in a RedWave that forever changed American life in the political arenas all over the the USA.  This happened in July 2018.
Coffee Crew is ON - Declaed Over! Day 1 Events

About the Movement "DECLARED OVER" ((SHARE & LIKE))

Make your declaration and speak up!

Let it be know that you think the Mueller Witch Hunt and war an Trump be ended. #Mueller1st #WitchHunt

The movement to say to the world that voters and citizens of the USA now declare that the war on their elected president be over got started Friday Morning on Labor Day Weekend. of 2018. #VotersChoice

The views of the people involved in the movement come from people who are on all sides of the political spectrum. In Fact, party and politic is not the point. The national condition and it's health for political views, healthy debate, #freedom, #values, and American life are at stake.

The attacks on FREEDOM and Rights granted by the US Constitution are also under siege as is the very document known as the US Constitution itself. Some people in our nation are thinking that the silent majority will let all this pass. Others think they can proclaim that they will resist to the death of their freedoms (as an unknown price to pay), there are millions of Americans who just cannot be fooled. #dontbefooled

Some voted for The President and some did not, but these all do love AMERICA enough to make the declaration that the president is The President Of the United States Of America. That person elected is President Donald J. Trump.#MyPresident

So if you as a person, who loves the country and the history behind it, do desire to see the relentless war against the president (and his administration) stopped, thus allowing progress of the system to progress then bring back sanity to Washington DC - #Join the cause.

Make your declaration by sharing, passing, liking, re-posting this one by 1 to as many people as are to be reached, Share it on all platforms, SM services and anywhere you can. Print permission is given. Re-posting and Sharing is Given. Let's help make the declaration. #itstime

Thanks for taking the time to read, pass and share. Like it and pass it to someone you care about. sincerely, Coffee Crew - #forsure

This was aired on the Greg Gutfeld Show!
The people's resolve was clear and many were saying DECLARED OVER to the WAR on Trump! ... and STOP THE WAR ON TRUMP was heard around the world!


What would happen if people spent the weekend in a movement to "declare" the War on Trump be stopped! #StopTheWarOnTrump ~ Over Once and For All???

The #witchunt has gone on long enough... No matter the party, Americans join together to see it... #DeclaredOver

If you think it should end, #Like, #Share and get the word out!

People are on fire... Get Hot - - - #MAGAHat

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