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August 15 to 18 Show Notes - Highlights and Moore!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This is real good! #CoverupCleanUp


What can you do? Here is what someone else contributed to the solution of a crime - remember the accident? YES=SOLVED


As if football even matters -KW- Start A National Dialog and work it out. #WeStand

NFL 2018 SPONSORS: News America Marketing, Pepsi, Budweiser, Proctor and Gamble , Quaker Oats, Sleep by numbers beds, Mars/Wrigley,Bose Corp, Bridgestone , Campbell’s , Castrol, Extreme networks, Fed Ex, Ford, Dannon yogurt , USAA, Surface, Verizon, Tostitos, Gatorade, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance , Hyundai, Intel, Courtyard Marriott, and Visa.

For Jenn Moore - We Were Awakened Forever! USA - A dedicated Facebook Page and Program to EXPOSE Child and Human Trafficking was born. We are still shocked that someone would use a photo of Matt Couches wife to say their condolences to Jenn knowing that it was not the real photo. Whoever it was who killed her will be brought to justice. Whoever it was who sent the picture over Facebook was really sad. [The People Are Sick]
To Former FBI Agent Jenn Moore [RIP] You did not die in vain!
For Jenny Was Born: The show from the day before on Facebook date 8/15/2018 - Who would have believed they would kill our friend TF - (now know to all as Task Force [Jenny Moore] - It was a real shocker to us all here. We were more determined than ever to see to it that we do something to stop the traffickers. What they are doing on a world wide basis. Our part of it all was very small way back then.
Now we are exposing it where ever we can and from 1000s of individual all across the USA #NothingToLoose #TheyCantKillUSALL and #ForJeeny were added to our list of tags. Jenn Moore was the Task Force to Us!

And we were getting updates live in real time. Revolt Gardens reporters (above) incoming screenshot is shown as we reported it live during the show.

Coffee Crew Hosts a Show at the Top 20 Causes

Show (2 0f 3 and it's funny)~ Don't miss the fun and humor about the the coffee and issues of the day! USA - We need humor in our lives! See you again soon! #CoffeeCrew

  • Coffee Crew Show - Saturday Night - How Dare You?

  • Saturday night and you have to say what the heck is going on in our America right now!

  • To all those out there loving what we do and listening in, OK.

  • Hang on there is more.

  • The real picture from way up here is big.

  • Connection of all the dots it really helpful and the people are hearing the truth.

  • Exposing the DEEP dark STATE and it's plots against us all is like fishing.

  • There is a lot yet to do and we are just getting started.

  • What is the mission you are on now as an AMERICAN?

  • Think about that!

  • What is it you want from the end game?

  • What is it that all AMERICANS Really WANT?

These and many more on tonight's show. Let's talk. USA

Best Of Q - This is very good. People need to see this (2X) #forsure.

One of the best ever reviews of situations at hand.

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