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So What If Q is Fake!

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People Know

Our web site has been destroyed by attackers known and unknown. Sadly it's true for millions of people who are learning more and more. Our goals in 2015 to 2016 were to help our onw children and do shows on Face book called, "More Fatherly Advice!"


In 2016 things changed as we watched LaVoy Finicum get murdered and the escalator brought Donald J. Trump down to the floor. 

The attacks upon us happened many years ago. Some subtle and some more seen and known. It was not only to all AMERICANS, but in some cases very targeted. 

Litterely Stopping The Steal

WHY ME? Would you ever think for the life of you that such evil existed? [Not I] #NOPE
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Since the digital war began, it's been a great and interesting world of discovery for many thosnds and now even millions of people. You cannot imagine how great it feels when you get down to look back over the last 5 years accomplishments and know your small part is being done daily becasue you love yuour family and frineds, fellow Americans no matter how  they sole from you, no matter how addicted to evil they became. People Know was our person goal (and mine as well).  #CoffeeCrew

No matter who you are in America, you are really subject to the lies and the threats of evil men and their evil plots. Good folks like you and I are doing the things we enjoy and sometimes we are unknowingly letting things go that need to be watched under a microscope for sure. The LAW of the LAND is surely one of those things which we know know [THE THEY THEY] "they" [EVIL PLOTTERS] have taken full advantages of... In fact the last 5 years is our proof. This is not new news. 

Why Me? Why Me? 

If you are now asking why me, let me give you a little truth I have found in the past 50 years to be very true. Good is going to win... SADLY, some people don't believe in good vs. e

To their loss, they are very wound up in all kinds of GAMES. Why? I know this, like money, which we all need, we don't need to love games more than God. God 1st. God 1st. 

When people start making the truth told in the biblical sense happen by worshiping things over God, they loose sight of what is going on around them. Americans sure have and so has the worlds since the invention of the hand held smart phone [2005] ... which all looks to be part of the 2030 agenda and TP of 1968. 

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