Morning Coffee 

-How it works!

Morning Coffee Facebook Page - Where the Action is... All ON!

It's real easy and fun and simple to understand as well.


Follow These Instructions

We are an all operational digital and ON group of individuals who offer fun, exciting things to do and learn each and every day. We are all independent researchers who found each other because of the need to do something. We found the one thing early training was saying to us was... "Do what you do best - real good!" and we started.

You are hereby empowered

Being empowered means several things to us... WWG1WGA in the Q-Army 

1. You want to be here.

2. You found your place.

3. You are willing and able.

4. You carry your weight. 

5. You are sharing your humanity.

6. You resolve conflicts for the world.

7. You show leadership by following well.

8. This is not a game. 

Oh, and you like coffee... 


  1. Find a set of pages you like, 

  2. Find a set of groups you like.

  3. Add these to you digital arsenal and share them, to them and with them.

  4. When you see something you like share it and support the ideals we all need to know from your aspect. 

  5. Bring your feelings and your ideals into the offering to humanity

  6. Make the world a better place by helping make things good and whole. 

  7. If it all looks grim around you add the sunlight you pull in to the room

  8. THEN, Let it shine by getting recharged daily, Building Faith.


Taking up a cross to bear is not as hard as you thought after all. 


This is and will be a fight to the resolve of the the conflicts for the world. - Projects