Panic In DC -Distribution Centers


JUN. 23, 2020

Panic In DC - [3] Distribution Centers

[3] There are many meaning to the phrase "Panic In DC" - Distribution Centers

If the same people who own the data centers own the food and productions 'supply chains' becasue they created their own wealth on the very back of the rest of the human race, then the human race who was fooled by their deception will reolt. At the behest of the truth that sets manking free there will be a virtual fight for reality and new processes. Progress does not have to mean enslavement by a selct few.

Supply Chains if ued right ly will even inprove services and not hinder the groth of cures and healty living. The DNA that the enslavers want to change is property of the individual and that is a right as well as a liberty of free men.

The really sad thing is that people in the USA don't always want to see the truth. The allow themselves to be run by a select few who have run the nation into the grounds. The need Fresh ground in a non filtered basket. It's deplorable to think that we as a society have to lock our houses because the politics force us to stay home and hide from our liberty.