Panic In DC - Politics

Coffee Crew

APR. 23, 2018

Panic In DC - [1] Politics

[1] There are many meaning to the phrase "Panic In DC" - Politics

The one most common... is Panic in Washington Politics - Washington DC is just loaded with all kinds of old guards and corruptions. From Fraud to Over runs, Pork and more. 

The truth about politics is that there has always been a political motive to the policy and the carriers of the law. Pay offs and lobbies that do more harm than good exist all over the place. 

The really sad thing is that people in the USA don't always want to see the truth. The allow themselves to be run by a select few who have run the nation into the grounds. The need Fresh ground in a non filtered basket. It's deplorable to think that we as a society have to lock our houses because the politics force us to stay home and hide from our liberty.