Panic In DC - Dirty Cops

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JUL. 17, 2020

Panic In DC - [4] Dirty Cops

[4] There are many meaning to the phrase "Panic In DC" - Dirty Cops vs. Clean Dirt

Policing society is not meant to be a fight but rather a choice to do good for all. Evil when allowed to run free and reign down as it thirsts for a place to go like a heavy water is going to run down hill. This is not new, but the facts is when in check and consider a service to society it is a right each person has when they too are the milita they were meant to be. The concent of the governed is in fact the right to have law be safe, considrate and in order of the individual's own liberty. The nation was found on The Christ principals of good vs. e and will remain as mankind chooses be free.

Not allowing Tyranaical events or individuals means there is inface a rulw of law based on libety and that justice of all who will not consent to the tyrant.

The really sad thing is that people in the USA don't always want to see the truth. The allow themselves to be run by a select few who have run the nation into the grounds. The need Fresh ground in a non filtered basket. It's deplorable to think that we as a society have to lock our houses because the politics force us to stay home and hide from our liberty.