Panic In DC - Data Centers


MAY. 23, 2019

Panic In DC - [2] Data Centers

[2] There are many meaning to the phrase "Panic In DC" - Data Centers

The second is PANIC IN THE DATA CENTERS - and why? Again it's corruption and software that has been found to corrupt money and even election transactions. This truth is evident but with current controvery by those seeking to take over the world and enslave humanithy by any means possible.

The truth about politics and data is that there has always been a political motive to the policy and the carriers of the law. Pay offs and lobbies that do more harm than good exist all over the place. These who created a financial enslavement process will be brought to justice.

The really sad thing is that people in the USA don't always want to see the truth. The allow themselves to be run by a select few who have run the nation into the grounds. The need Fresh ground in a non filtered basket. It's deplorable to think that we as a society have to lock our houses because the politics force us to stay home and hide from our liberty.