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MAR. 23, 2017

Introductions and early observations. PANIC IN DC

Coffee Crew Show -Long Drop [-0]

The show goes on... Is there a long drop? We are seeing the destruction of the Deep State. #DS

FRom the Nothing To See Here page #NTSH - By Coffee Crew Show
PANICINDC: The deep state is attempting to make the movement look bad but in the long run they will loose. The truth is the corruption uncovered by the Q Anon and the movement is amazing. Can you imagine if we had elected the losers we are seeing for what they did and for what they are attempting to hurt. This is a real good review. The Q Anon movement is good people all across the country. We see it like this... There are #Anons and #NonAnons who support the truth. The two groups are all working to support the movement to take down this ugly deep dark system of corruptness. #DeepStateTakeDown [-0] #NTSH

Ep.125a Coffee Spill... Choppy waters! Don't miss Ep125b
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Ep.125a Coffee Spill... Choppy Waters! MSM #ItWillVanish

More (second story) "Gang of Five" The Texts"

A most important item you have ever found... C_A has done... Countdown

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Memes, Memes, and more Memes.

"Walk away is for all" "WalkAwayIsForAll" "WalkAway Is For All"

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