Morning Coffee

About Morning Coffee! 

Did you know? 

Everyone in the world has tasted the coffee. Not everyone likes coffee however. Some have to flavor it with Pumpkin Spice or other stuff.
Everyday we all get together over coffee. Most of us like coffee with something in it... No one like it with bugs or strange matter. So, we are going to deliver you coffee every moring with a lid on it, something to THINK ABOUT, you add the cream & sugar. Share it it you like. 
Coffee Crew Show and the Morning Coffee Podcast is going to be straigh talk and "We Deliver... !" is you get what we mean. 
The show is from the hip and fro those who are listening becasue they want to do so... Our goal as a team is not to force anyone to hear what we have to say.
"We Don't Red Pill with Watermelons." as Shadygrooove once said. And he said, "LISTENING is more important for us to lean!" 
Your Host Coffee Crew believes that too is the very best advice ever given to us all who have loved ones and friends we want to reach out to.
This effort we are ALL involved in is one which is bigger than we ever imagined. 
Podcast: 12/17/2019 Morning Coffee
See The Snow Storm! 
Coffee Crew - Define it... 

[People] is a good definition. Do we relate to the fact that people like coffee.
A Good Homemade cup of Coffee, a special made with love pastry and a good read. Yes! 

It's not then hard to imagine yourself anywhere in the USA or World, enjoying at spot of Tea or Coffee and a a real honest earful of Coffee you can smell. 

Waking Up the World in Air & Podcasts daily is iur goal. Million of [US] sharing and learning the TRUTH that cannot be taken form [US] AGAIN. #PeopleKnow 
Now with 4 sites and 100s of Facebook pages and groups to share. 1000(s) of Coffee Shops around the world. PeopleKnow and the cup is overflowing. Truth that cannot be held back.