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Our most frequent question from members who ask us about the site and the method in which we share is "Where do I start?" and we answer it here... 

Going to the Facebook page for Facebook users is a great start. We update the places we vist that day 20 of 100 pages per day. 

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And on weekends we go to Speak Out Tours USA and it's sister page.  

Who is Coffee Crew?
[2.] The people of humanity are the coffee crew. It's a people thing. [HUMANITY]
[3.] How did Coffee Crew get his nickname? [He made coffee everyday] [the name stuck & the Morning Coffee  show was born] [News/VBlog]
[4.] How many Facebook pages does CCSP support. [101+
[5.] How long have you been a regular jo? [Full Strength]
[6.] Why do you do what you do? [Logical Thinking]
[7.] Where do I add great hash tags so everyone can share them and see what the world is doing to REEEEEEE? [Group Hash Tag Haven] [Coffee Crew #DigitalCoffee] [Groups List][Pages]

Our plan and the way we share is unique. We are on YouTube, Facebook and more. We are sharing all kinds of information each and everyday. We share it 24/7/. We are doing all kinds of things that may don't see all in one place for a reason. Guess what that is? 

HR5181 is real. Shadow-banning, Conservative oposition to the truth by liberals who have attempted a coup on all humanity. [TRUTH]

What I learned 1st. - "Whatever you decide to do for the movements... and there are many. Do it the best you can do." says, Your Host Coffee Crew (CCSPodcast) 2019.


Q: Why? - A: This is an open war between g vs. e and we all know it. #TheDid #Coup

Q: Who? - A: [Answer in context: Top Level leadership in the Obama Administration and many un-elected politician-appointees that were hold overs from the 16 year plan levied agains the American people and more. 


Q: What is a White House Mole? A: [2017 Terms] #WHMoles #Leakers #Liars 


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CoffeeCrew is ON and does a daily podcas
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CCSHDR3 Enough - #NopeNotToday #Enough #
Shure how we reach you and yours. We are here 24/7 and we have 100s of website recources to share... Use any of the pics above to vist the sites and sounds online today!
Decodes and more... What is Qanon All About? 
Who is Q? [People Know]
Why The Q Movement? [Public Awarness
What did QAnons see and know that others may have missed? 
Was the truth movement always around and active? 
[In Case You Didn't Notice] [TrumpWonIowa][USA]