Heading EAST.? We Are #520Bound
We are Excited to Offer ewe and all around us a signing moment...
Sign the Truck and SEND a rolliing work of art. This is WAR. #Sharpie #tanks

Coffee and thousands of people have a message to sent to the EAST COAST. #ConVoyUSA

You have the opportunity to meet the host of the coffee crew from Totem Lake and Renton WA USA.


This is the time to let the nation know you are fed up with he silo desire and that you don't want to be herded around like cats. 

Letting God do the work is great but the deceptions of those who want to lie, cheat and steal or enslave other to do is is over. No more addictive bad meds and mental health abase issues from lying mental health company sponsored physicians and associations of medical professionals. We are not robots.

If you see this opld guy and his new truck...Sign It. Sign The Trailer too.  #GodWins #520Bound 

We will attempt to take pictures of the signatures and tweet them. It's the Art of WAR. #FireBack #NoShots #WeWon 

A real nice guy loves people and never ment a stanger. Don't ask him about his story, he might stell you.. You can hear it daily on the world famous podcast...

CoffeeCrewShow.com - Soundcloud or other podcasts on Gab and too. 

Since FB and YT wipped us out you can now find links to newer shows below when we start updating the site in or after June 2022. Want a job updating Coffee Links and the site. You must volunteer 

We have not achieved any kind of funding at the moment. [But we will.]