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Welcome to the New Site - Status Updates [20[P] Review]

We welcome the New Site - Finding it is easy ... The Status of the Launch is...

It is going to be great to have the new site open and we are just a bit off the schedule, however that is too is to be expected. We know more about the way things work after actually doing a few things and a few tests. Glad so many like the new site. Thanks, Coffee Crew Team.


We are finding the site easy to build and operate, but we have a few issues with the set-up of the feeds and page needs to serve our full needs. That the addons are all extras and nickle and dimming is sad.


Feb. 18-26 -On The Road Special (Monthly FB Review) We Go Live From  On The Road!

Every Friday 2019 - Trump Rally Reviews Here

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What Is Coffee Crew? - 3 Fold Mission

Each day we get together and we have our Morning Coffee together. We look deep into many issues and the events that now form the American culture as it changes, and evolves.

We watch shows that inform and bring clear coverage that you do not find on the MSM news and sources in and around us!

There is now FakeNews all around us, so we start by listening to Dan Bongino together.

Routine Around Here ...

1. Wake Up

2. Make Coffee - Drive Times Shows

3. Listen to Shows and Share Links

4. Read the 1st 40 posts in Facebook

5. Check on Twitter and get a laugh...

6. Watch 5 YouTube Videos & Share 

7. Listen to Dan & Joe after the show is posted!

8. Get lunch and prepare for the Daily Show

Why Coffee? - How the Show Evolved and Why?


The Why? - That's Always the FOCUS it seems of the most wild Crime Sprees in US History.

Get the review on Hot Coffee 

See 2018 in Review Here Today!

Was there ever a doubt in your mind? - Not Me!

They Did? - Wow... Really? What's it called? #CoverUpCleanUp or #SpyGate

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